The Basics

You need to be registered and submit a Tax return in the country you call home, this does not necessarily mean you will pay tax on your salary.

If you do not do this you will be seen to be evading tax which is a criminal offence that can incur time in jail and hefty fines.

Here are the important and detailed explanation of the basics, remember we are here to help you through the below as each individual has different needs.

Employment status – critical for tax exempt status and minimisation of taxes

The tax exemption on your earnings and benefits provided on the vessel, including South Africa and many other countries, only applies where you can evidence (provide proof of) an employer / employee relationship. Whilst there are different tax rules for workers who are part of the passage of the vessel and those who perform other work on the vessel, the employment requirement remains critical for both these tax exemptions. There are different rules for crew working on luxury yachts, to entertainment or salon crew on cruise ships, to other operational crew, and we know them!

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