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We will employ you legally for a fixed term, whilst you will maintain the freedom of choice on your work arrangement. After our tax diagnostic, we will confirm the rules applicable to you to ensure a guaranteed tax-exempt status where you keep to the rules and your tax return is done on a first-time accurate basis. Our preferred tax provider provides a similar guarantee on SARS correctly tax assessed position as a zero tax filing

Monthly payslips and annual consolidated earnings 

This means you will have a credit score! A very important part of being able to do anything from getting a home loan to taking out a cell phone contract. The benefits of having employer earnings and being able to provide this in a consolidated manner is well known. Your credit score and financial risk profile are determined with reference to your payslip and your earnings thereon.

Company status is preferred by certain employers

This will make you a first choice on certain types of independent contractor work. Also, our solutions support, never compromise, where your client or offshore employer, wants to contract on their own standard terms and conditions of engagement.

Career history and professional reference

Access to unlimited professional references and have a singular port of call for your career history, skill set and qualifications.

Offshore and local banking solutions

Customer History with your bank

The fact of employment provides you access to better banking solutions, especially for offshore bank accounts. Whilst you are not tied to our preferred providers with long established relationships, the savings generally speak for itself, especially where you earn more.


A key focus of our service here is the limitation of bank costs, which, other than what the uninformed thinks, does not pertain to bank charges. The largest financial loss you can suffer other than an incorrect tax setup is an inefficient bank forex arrangement. This is where the international banking system makes money by applying a different exchange rate than the true exchange rate between currencies. We have the setup in place to give you flexibility on transfers, thus not only correct timing of currency conversions, but also securing the best rates possible.


We also provide specialist guidance and solutions on when you are bringing savings to South Africa, such as for buying a property in South Africa, withdrawing past retirement savings from South Africa or any other transaction where money transfers are involved.

Access to credit, financial products and home loans

Most financial products are only accessible, or otherwise achievable with competitive rates, where you can prove employment. This is achievable by the product provider being allowed to make deductions from your payslip.

Depending on you and your personal priorities. It may be as simple as a having a funeral cover policy for family back home, offshore life and disability insurance or getting a home loan.

* Having employment and payslip history is very important if you want to buy any property in South Africa with a home loan.

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